Hosanna! A Fellowship of Christians

Gospel - Hosanna! 2022

We are a community that refuses to settle for status quo religion.  We don’t want to do church – we want to be the church. We are a community with a cause: to change the world one life at a time. 

Hosanna! meets Sunday mornings at 9:30, and we invite you to join us online to worship with us.

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Sunday Service at 9:30AM

Children and Youth Ministries

Recent Messages

Gospel Is Community: Serving

Serving others through the love of Christ, and being served by them, is a wonderful way to express, receive, and participate in Gospel! https://youtu.be/EmJudq15Dec

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For God So Loved…

"For God so loves" is the most encouraging, reassuring, and healing phrase in all of Scripture. What might it mean for you and your relationships? https://youtu.be/fBw3VXfhbCk

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Gospel Is Community: Giving & Receiving Forgiveness

Perhaps nothing is more powerful in creating healing, healthy community than the spiritual practices of granting and seeking forgiveness. https://youtu.be/TXiMQS-vnUI

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