Hosanna! A Fellowship of Christians

We are a community that refuses to settle for status quo religion.  We don’t want to do church – we want to be the church. We are a community with a cause: to change the world one life at a time. 

Hosanna! meets Sunday mornings at 9:30, and we invite you to join us online to worship with us.

Sunday Service at 9:30AM

Children and Youth Ministries

Recent Messages

Hosanna! at the Moves: Luca

"Look me in the eye. You know I love you, right?" What if that kind of loving, seeing friendship is one of the gifts we get to give each other and the world, right now?...

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Hosanna! at the Movies: Hugo

If everything has a purpose, what's yours? Today our message is inspired by "Hugo", a movie about a boy who finds his purpose and helps others recover their own... much like God does for us!...

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Hosanna! at the Movies: Field of Dreams

In the movie "Field of Dreams," a farmer hears voices in his cornfield that tell him to build a ballpark, so that the dreams of others (and his own) may finally come to life. Today...

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