Hosanna! A Fellowship of Christians

We are a community that refuses to settle for status quo religion.  We don’t want to do church – we want to be the church. We are a community with a cause: to change the world one life at a time. 

Hosanna! meets Sunday mornings at 9:30, and we invite you to join us online to worship with us.

Sunday Service at 9:30AM

Children and Youth Ministries

Recent Messages

Living Conversations: Good and Evil

People talk about good and evil all the time, particularly on a weekend like this when we remember a truly horrific day. Thankfully, our good God has an amazing way of redeeming the evil acts of...

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Living Conversations: Church

One of the primary reasons people give for not being people of faith, or for walking away from faith, is their experience with Church. How can we have "living conversations" with people about the beauty...

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Living Conversations: Bible

It's hard sometimes to talk with people about the Bible, isn't it? Today's message notes common objections to the Bible and how we can yet engage people in life-giving conversations about the things that matter...

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