Hosanna! A Fellowship of Christians

We are a community that refuses to settle for status quo religion.  We don’t want to do church – we want to be the church. We are a community with a cause: to change the world one life at a time. 

Hosanna! meets Sunday mornings at 9:30, and we invite you to join us online to worship with us.

Vacation Bible Adventure is coming! Click here for all the totally tubular details!

Sunday Service at 9:30AM

Children and Youth Ministries

Recent Messages

Living Witnesses: Creating Well

We all create things with our lives, for good or bad. How can we create well, so we can be effective witnesses of the goodness of our Creator God? https://youtu.be/rMqHwe3CUsg

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Living Witnesses: Hoping Well

The Bee Gees asked us, "How Deep is Your Love?" This Sunday we ask, "How deep is your hope?" Do you hope for a hope so fully anchored that other people will hope for your...

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Living Witnesses: Waiting Well

Waiting is a hard thing, and we've been doing a lot of it for a ling time. But how we wait says a lot about who we are… and who God is. And when we...

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