About Us

Hosanna! is a community of people with a mission to be profoundly authentic, encouragingly grace-filled, and passionately spiritual in a broken world. We aspire to be…

  • A community of people transformed by Christ
  • A community of people who practice healthy, genuine relationships
  • A community of people who build each other up, help each other out, and get each other through
  • A community of people who value, protect, respect, and honor each other, from youngest to oldest
  • A community of people who recognize that every person is loved by God
  • A community of people who do our best to live out that love in a hurting world
  • A community of people who worship with passion, pray with hope, and serve with joy

We are a community with a cause – to model and live out the good news that God is with us, God is for us, and God is inviting us to goodness. If any of that sounds inviting, please let us know! We particularly invite you to visit us on Sunday morning for worship at 9:30 am, ONLINE at our YouTube channel or in person at 29 Green Acre Road in Lititz.

Please contact the Hosanna office for more information about who we are and what we do.