Last week we celebrated that our friend Jesus was raised from the dead. But what difference does that make to our own lives? Everything! Today we see, celebrate, and give thanks that as he was changed through his resurrection, we are changed in exactly the same ways! Worship along with Shawn Erb and the worship team, then watch the message from Jo Ann and Tony.


This week we’re starting out the worship set with a prayer: a song praying for the Church.  These are certainly unique and unprecedented times for all of us, and also for the Church. It is good to be reminded that although church currently looks different than what we’re used to in the traditional sense, we are still the Church nonetheless. Even in times of hardship, crisis, and pandemics, and perhaps especially in these times, we are called to continue to bring hope, healing, and restoration. May we, the Church, demonstrate courage and be salt and light on the earth, and may we be one.


The resurrection changes everything! Even our bodies, and death itself. Sin! Relationships. And how we see reality. Life is telling us it’s time for a change… will you risk it?

Virtual Foyer Meeting

Join us Sunday, April 19, 2020 from 11:00AM – 12:00PM (Eastern Time) for some fellowship around the virtual coffee table and catch up with some familiar faces!