Happy Mother’s Day! Today our service is for all people, not just mothers, but it also gives some special honor to parents of all kinds. We need that right now, don’t we? We may not be able to gather with families today as we might have otherwise, but we can connect here with our church family, and with the God who parents us through every challenge in life. Worship him today… sing along, or just listen and meditate, as the worship team leads us in remembering who God is and what God is doing. Then watch the video titled “Mother’s Day Blessings“, before turning to the message

We also have a few extra goodies for you today! 

  • Under Additional Resources, you’ll find another video, titled “Hope is Here”, that anyone is welcome to enjoy. If you’re doing Tony’s class on I Peter, you might find that particularly helpful. You’ll also be able to download the blessing that Tony shared at the end of the video for “all kinds of parents everywhere.” Feel free to download it for your own use, or to share with someone else. 
  • You can sign up here for Tony’s class (even at the last minute!), which is titled “Hope in Hard Times.” It’s a Bible study of I Peter.
  • The text of the message is also below, in case you prefer to read it, or want to pass it along to someone else. 



Mother’s Day Blessings


There are all sorts of parents, and many ways to parent, and God honors them all. And invites us to honor each other… and ourselves! Whether you are a biological parent or not, or feel like your parenting days are long behind you or not, listen to this encouraging message about honor.

Additional Message Resources

A Prayer of Blessing for All Kinds of Parents Everywhere (downloadable PDF)

Hope Is Here

Virtual Foyer

Join us in the virtual foyer on Sunday, May 10 at any time between 11 – 11:30 AM (Eastern Time). We’d love to catch up with you!