On this Independence Weekend let’s celebrate TWO kinds of freedom! The freedom that Christ gives us is the greater of the two, actually, because it leads to abundant life, no matter our circumstances. That freedom is so startling and radical that for much of our history, the Church has not fully believed that what Jesus said could be true. At Hosanna! we do believe it, and today we remember and rejoice!

See below for a video from our worship team and from Jo Ann and Tony with today’s inspiring message, along with a hand-out to help you live out this message of freedom this week. Read this update about the FOUR ways we can gather for worship next Sunday, July 12…including a return to public worship in our building. Other announcements are in the bulletin below. Note that we will NOT have the Virtual Foyer today. Thanks again for your continued support of this ministry during these strange times. You are good, and so is God. 🙂 



We are already free!

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