2021 Adult Class Schedule

2021 Adult Class Schedule

The Gift of Being Yourself

January 10 – March 8 from 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM, led by Tony Blair and Jo Ann Kunz

Being yourself is a gift!… to you, others, and even God! But most of us don’t fully believe that, or are not yet living fully out of the joy that truth means.

Big Picture Bible: A Survey of the Biblical Story

April 11 – May 23

Most of us know snippets of the Bible… some stories, some sayings, some verses… but not necessarily how they connect. How does Moses relate to Abraham, and Abraham to Jesus? What are all those short books at the end of the Old Testament? Why do we have an “old” testament to begin with? This class provides a “Big Picture” overview of the Bible, told as a single story… the Big Story, from beginning to end, so we can see how the pieces fit together, and why it matters. Sign up to join us this class (available online and in person).