Using multiple biblical models of worship as our guides, we develop, articulate, and live out the following principles:

  • We give ourselves in worship to One who is greater than ourselves. We were created to worship God, and God alone.
  • We are transformed by our worship of God, for we become like that which we worship. His character, not only His redemptive activity, is the basis of His worthiness.
  • We were created to worship together, for shared worship is integral to and essential for a community of faith. When we honor each other, we worship God.
  • We worship as agents of transformation in the world. Worship is not removed from daily life; rather, it is an approach to daily life that honors God and His presence there.
  • We worship in ways that may be unique to an individual, a congregation, a generation or a culture, yet with intents that are universal and timeless to all humanity.
  • We worship through our radical confession that Jesus is Lord. We make this confession through our words, our music, our prayers, our service, our love, and our lives.

These principles are our commitments. They are neither burdens on our shoulders nor duties to fulfill. They represent our privilege, our joyful response to the grace of God, our grateful worship of the God who loves, liberates, and leads us. Beyond Him, we worship no other, for He is sufficient for our salvation and necessary for our redemption. Because of Him, we abandon pretense and pride in the sight of the world to declare our allegiance to our Beloved. Before Him, we dance freely in this broken world, full of the grace that sets us free.