March 18, 2018

Designed to help those attending Hosanna become better acquainted with one another. A group of “hosts” will entertain a random and secret group of “guests” for dinner. You can choose to be either a guest or a host.

How it works

Fill out a form to be either a host or a guest. The hosts will be chosen and notified of the number of people to expect at their home, but they won’t be told the names of those attending their dinner. The names and assignments of the guests will be kept confidential until the day of the dinner. On Sunday morning, March 18 at church, the coordinators will let the guests know the address of their dinner hosts. We will attempt to match up each group with people they may not know well.

Host notes

Have the dinner at your home and provide the main course and beverages. You will not know who your guests are until they arrive at your door. They will arrive with a side dish or a dessert.

Guest notes

You will be given the address of your host at church on Sunday morning, March 18th (we won’t give you their names so you’ll be surprised!)

Bring a side dish or a dessert to share (we’ll let you know how many people to plan for in advance)

Guidelines for all

No need to get real fancy. The idea is to get to know others better by sharing a meal together. It’s not so much about the food, but about the fellowship. Please follow normal dinner etiquette; be on time, respect time parameters, and have fun!


If you find that at the last minute you cannot attend, please contact Connie Algeo through the the church office.