October 21, 2018

About Hosanna! at the Movies

If we look carefully, we can see God all around us!… in nature, in the eyes of people who love us, in our ordinary lives, and, yes, even in movies! In our Hosanna! at the Movies series, we use popular movies (not explicitly Christian films) to explore what God is up to in the world, in our own lives. The four very different movies chosen for the 2018 series are all about the good news of Jubilee–the experience of being restored and renewed to what God originally intended, which is a gift God wants to offer all of us! Week 3 Synopsis: Celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. Join us for one of two services each Sunday – 9am or 11am!

About Hosanna!

Hosanna! is a place where folks let down their guard, find space to breathe, and look forward to living their best lives. It’s a place where you’re accepted and appreciated for who you are. And guess what? If you aren’t exactly sure who you are, that’s OK too. We’ve got a great story to tell about the message of love that Jesus delivered. And we’d love to hear your story if you’d like to share it.