Helping Hands

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Ministry is two-fold:

  1. To provide assistance to members of our church family who are experiencing health related issues or who have a home need that they are unable to meet themselves.
  2. To give opportunities for church members to use their God-given gifts, abilities and skills to serve each other in practical ways in times of need.

Ministry Leaders: Sandy and Dick Cobes. To contact the Sandy and Dick, call 717-656-8542 or use the form below.

2 comments on “Helping Hands

  1. Dear Beloved in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His richest blessings shall be upon you forever. I am Brother Billa Rajendra came from a devotee gospel family. I got brought-up with Christianized background. I studied up to graduation. But I never tempt for a better job as per the call of our God I prepared to held-up under His services only. I got married, and I blessed with two children. Now I am doing our daily gospel at our rural areas. Our location is very bad in all aspects due to the continual effect of natural calamities like cyclones and floods. From such area I am doing my daily gospel. I am running one ministry “JESUS GOSPEL OUTREACH MINISTRIES”.
    Now I laid my stress on our outreach areas. Basically I am doing my regular services through our co-gospel workers. We are concentrating on Hindu people. We are advocating the idol worship as devilish task. And we are taking the message of our God to all over of our far away places. Because of our regular prayers number of Hindu people are accepting our Lord Jesus as their real savior. They are getting away to their idol worship, and confessing in all of their previous sins. They are very poor, but they can’t assist me on our daily needs.
    Now I am running one orphanage for the welfare of 30 helpless orphan children. They are all cent percent orphans. They are totally in great needy conditions. Once they had suffered a lot at their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. They are all in total disasters conditions. Being a Christian I got pitied much about their helpless stage, and I got much motivated by the verses in the Bible “James 1:27”, and I prepared to host of such helpless orphan children. Now they are growing on perfect healthy grounds by adapting very good habits under Christian background. I believe they should become as God’s servants in future. By such a pious target I am training them daily. Actually I don’t have any support from any where on our orphanage. I totally depended upon our local contributions only. But now a days it became very problem for me to attain such local contributions. And it is fact to you that any organization based on Christian faith may can’t achive of its necessary support from India . Here Christians are in minority. They can’t reach of their targets as per their own efforts. Here we are glancing number of destitute people like widows and aged persons. They are suffering a lot at their basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Because of their family disorganized conditions they are facing very disasters and panic feelings. They are totally in need of very good hospitality. Now I am hosting some of our destitute people on every Sunday. On that day I shall provide them only food. Due to lack of sufficient aid on it, I am doing their relief task only on Sundays. I need of your kind encouragement on their regular services.
    By narrating our every task on behalf of our ministry, now I am in great needy conditions. Please call on the attention of your people, friends, and intimates among our exact needs. Basically I want your good fellowship. I need of your regular prayers. I want your good moral support. Please respond me on our exact needs. Now I am praying for such help. Please look into our real situation, and try to help us at your possible way. We shall ever grateful to you on your kind deed. I got of your email address from website. I need of your regular prayers. Here our orphan children are sending their love and kisses to you. And our destitute people are expecting at your kind support. Totally we are all remembering you daily at our regular prayers.
    My best wishes to you and your church people. I shall wait at for your prayerful reply.
    Thanking you in Jesus name,
    Yours Brother in Christ,
    Please visit our ministry website:

  2. I’m new to Hosanna Church but I’m very good at organizing. I heard what Sandy and Dick said this morning that they were retiring and wanted to reach out to see if I could possibly help.

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