Could Church Be Like That?

Do you find yourself tired, frustrated, or confused?

Hosanna! is a place where folks let down their guard, find space to breathe, and look forward to living their best lives. It’s a place where you’re accepted and appreciated for who you are. And guess what? If you aren’t exactly sure who you are, that’s OK too. We’ve got a great story to tell about the message of love that Jesus delivered. And we’d love to hear your story, if you’d like to share it.

There’s no pressure here. No dress code or arbitrary requirements. If you’re tired of all the stuff life is throwing at you, hang out with us and find wisdom for what you’re going through.

Sometimes life is frustrating. We don’t claim to have a quick fix for all of life’s problems, but sometimes it’s just nice to know you aren’t alone.

We’re not going to promise you that everything will always work out the way you want, but we do know that, with Christ, everything will eventually be okay.

Or maybe you’re just flat-out confused … about life, faith, or what it means to be a Christian. That’s fair. We don’t mind the difficult questions – in fact, we welcome them! And we’ll walk with you while you’re trying to find answers or meaning … and point you in the direction of the hope we ourselves have found.

So while we’re breaking rules, breaking barriers, and breaking chains, we’re also doing our best to offer healing to those who’ve been broken open by life. We do that by nurturing an authentic relationship with Jesus – and with one another.

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