In this time of stress, it’s easy to lose sight of the gifts God gives… and one of the best is that of “abiding” in him during our in-between times, rather than waiting in anxious frustration. Jesus showed his disciples through and after his Ascension into heaven how to have their waiting transformed, so that they could live in God’s perfect timing. In today’s service…and this whole coming week… we’ll follow their lead. 

So we begin with worship, as usual, remembering and honoring the good God who abides with us. Then go to the message Jo Ann and Tony have prepared for you. The service concludes with a song by Matthew West titled “The Beautiful Things We Miss.” You can find the song video, as well as a prayer guide hand-out that you can use each day for the rest of this week, under additional resources

You’ll also want to check out the announcements for the bulletin, offering, and a survey we’ve created to gather your feedback about how and when to re-assemble. If you can, please join us in the Virtual Foyer on Sundays at 11! 



Jesus transforms us through the gifts he confers upon us, including the gift of abiding with him in peace in our waiting times.

Additional Service Resources

Virtual Foyer

Drop in any time between 11:00 – 11:30 AM Eastern Time for some fellowship around the virtual coffee table.