Wouldn’t you like someone to explain “all this” to you? Wouldn’t you want someone to explain all the mysteries of life? Of course! One of the gifts Jesus offers us, particularly in our moments of bewilderment, is clarity. But it’s not always… not first… clarity of mind. That comes later, and is always imperfect. The clarity he gives us is deep in our hearts, as we trust in him. Today’s service is thus a worshipful profession of trust and a gentle, encouraging invitation to trust in the Risen Lord.

Begin with worship, and then move into the message. There’s an “extra” video clip posted below from “The Miracle Worker” movie. At one point in the message you’re invited to pause and go watch it, or you can save it till the end if you wish. And please join us for our virtual foyer at 11 AM so we can check in and take good care of each other as we deal with life’s joys and challenges this week.

Also take note of announcements…more than usual! And thanks again for continuing to support this ministry with your offerings and your service. You… and God… are taking good care of things. 🙂



The disciples were even more bewildered than we are!… and that’s saying a lot, isn’t it? Hear how Jesus gave clarity to their hearts, and how he’s inviting us into the same kind of peaceful clarity and joyful trust.

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