Holy Week 2021

The past year has been a year of challenge and hardship in many ways. And it has left its marks on our people and on our souls. Hosanna! is taking that to heart in our plans for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Good Friday: Journey to the Cross

The church building will be open to the public on Friday, April 2nd, from noon until 8 PM, for a self-guided walkthrough of prayer stations. This will be a time of self-reflection and prayer. For those who cannot come to the building in person, we’ve included photos and meditations for each of the prayer stations below.

Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. It is called “good” because of what Jesus’ death means for the redemption of the world. However, it is a solemn occasion during which we remember our own human frailty, our need for redemption, and the pain that Jesus willingly suffered from, and for, us.

Some of the material above is ©2019, Rebecca Jackson. Used by permission of the author.

Sunrise Service: From Darkness to Light

Join us live, in person or online, on Sunday, April 4th, at 6:30 AM for our sunrise service. We will gather outside in the field by the church building, to hear the thoughts of Jesus’ closest friends. In the darkness, we will consider their mournful prayers and their troubled doubts, but as the sun arises, we will see that sorrow turn with astonishment to joy!

Easter Service: Eyes Wide Open

Once again, join us either in person or online, Sunday morning at 9:30 AM for our Easter celebration service. With inspiration from writer Max Lucado, we’ll consider what really makes us special in God’s eyes.